Level 8《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》Text


Level 8《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》Text




Hui Zhong International Chinese Course

Hui Zhong Mandarin Program

Curriculum Advantages 

  • Lucy Jiang, founder of Hui Zhong Chinese International, senior overseas Chinese teacher with 16 years of first-line teaching and research expertise
  • Customize for overseas students, create a localized environment for students to learn Chinese efficiently
  • Summarize a subsystem of learning application including 15 levels, 1680 high-frequency Chinese characters
  • Consistently learn Chinese throughout K-12 system; successfully connect with AP, SATII, and HSK as a second language, effectively solve the problems in exam-oriented education
  • Modularized integrated teaching content including “Teaching materials, exercise books, character cards, featured videos, literacy without Pinyin, innovation of double track and iterative teaching method, fun and interactive teaching”

Teaching Formats: options of zoom online teaching & offline teaching available

Textbook Features:

  • Easy to teach, easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to practice
  • A content design combining Chinese traditional culture and contemporary civilization adheres to the concept of global localization.

Teaching Method: double track and iterative teaching method (learning new knowledge and reviewing old knowledge)

Textbook Series:

《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》Oral communication

 《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》Pinyin textbook & Pinyin cards

 《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》Level 1-15

 《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》 Level 1-15 A & B exercise book

《Huizhong International Chinese high-frequency Chinese character》Level 1-15 word cards

Exclusive Special Course:

  • Chinese Fast Improvement Class
  • 《Huizhong International Chinese Grading Courses》 Creative painting embedded Learning Course
  • Media literacy / Chinese public speaking skill/writing/leadership training course (taught in person by Lucy Jiang, founder of Hui Zhong Chinese and experienced media professional)

Textbook Content

  • Overseas students must know 1680 high-frequency Chinese characters

 Four words and one sentence

 Interlaced rhyme

 Sing and read shorthand

 Word to word

 Interesting and catchy

 Easy to remember

  • It covers 1680 high-frequency Chinese characters, such as words grouping, homophones, polysyllabic words, antonyms, quantifiers, pictophonetic characters, and sentence making
  • Must-know sentence patterns and 100 difficult sentence structures for overseas students
  • Text Content

 Practical dialogue

 Idiom story

 Ancient poetry

 Traditional custom

 Scenic Spots and Historical Sites

 Selected Sinology

 Knowledge selection

 Common writing style and pattern

    Chinese culture and history (traditional clothing, ceramics, embroidery, food, guqin, architecture, historical stories, etc.)

Teaching Material Level Design

  • Junior: level 1-5 (Students can read simple articles and understand the general idea.)
  • Intermediate: Grade 6-10 (Students can master the ability to read articles and understanding the general idea, and can reach the exam-credited level of local grade 11 Chinese.)
  • Advanced: Level 11-15 (Students can grasp the higher ability to read articles and understanding meaning, and reading newspapers, and can reach the examination level of local grade 12 and achieve AP Chinese credit.)

Teaching Implementation Steps

  • Chinese Proficiency Assessment
  • Classification of Assessment Results
  • Mandarin Teacher Training
  • Teaching Plan Construction
  • Course Quality Control
  • Academic performance summary




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